Registered Parties

List of registered European Political Parties

The following documents contain the names and statutes of all registered European Political Parties, together with the documents submitted as part of their applications for registration.

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“The EPP is the political family of the centre and the centre-right in Europe. We put the human being at the centre of our convictions. Our actions are based on the principles of justice and the common good, solidarity and responsibility. We defend a strong European Union based on pluralist democracy, the social market economy and environmental sustainability”.

“The Party of European Socialists brings together socialist, social democratic, labour and democratic parties from the European Union, UK and Norway. Together with our associate and observer parties, we promote our shared values of social fairness, equality, and societal wellbeing and fight for a progressive, fair, free and sustainable Europe.”

"Our liberal vision is anchored around a free, democratic, entrepreneurial, sustainable, and united continent open to the world. European values are Liberal values. This Manifesto is our pledge to protect fundamental values amid rising anti-liberal forces, reinforce a world-leading and prosperous Europe, and build a more liberal Europe for all."

"The European Democratic Party (EDP) brings together political parties and MEPs who want a Union closer to its citizens. We are a trans-national political movement committed to building a European democracy based on the shared values of peace, freedom, solidarity, and education, while proudly affirming its culture in tomorrow’s world."

"The European Green Party stands and acts for a political, social, and economic transformation based on the values of environmental responsibility, social justice, inclusion, diversity, and peace. Together with our member parties, we advocate for policies and actions to counter the challenge of climate change and the growing social inequalities, while investing in building a Greener, safer, and responsible Europe that leaves no one behind. "

"The European Free Alliance (EFA) promotes the right to democratic self-determination and supports the peoples’ aspirations to choose their own political future, including independence, greater autonomy or linguistic and cultural recognition for minorities. EFA aims for European unity in diversity based on the principle of subsidiarity and social justice."

"We are united by our centre-right values. The ECR Party is dedicated to individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, private property, limited government, free trade, family values and the devolution of power. These values underpin our politics, including our vision for a reformed European Union."

"We unite democratic parties of the alternative and progressive Left on the European continent that strive for the consistent transformation of today’s social relationships into a peaceful and socially just society on the basis of the diversity of our situations, our histories and our common values. For more information visit"

"The European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) is the only European political party explicitly promoting Christian values in European politics around seven political spearheads: Human dignity; Healthy families; Economy benefiting people and planet; Freedom, Security and Stability; Fighting Modern Slavery; Reforming the EU; Preserving Christian Culture and Heritage."


The summary political programmes provided herein are drafted by the European political parties for information purposes only. The official political programme is the one contained in the respective party's statutes in accordance with Article 4(1)(c) of Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 1141/2014. The Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations is not responsible for the content of the European political parties' political programmes.

Register of European political parties

Pursuant to Article 7 of Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 1141/2014 and Article 3 of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2015/2401, the Authority manages a Register of European political parties and European political foundations and issues standard extracts. Natural and legal persons can request standard extracts from the Register by contacting the email address below and filling a simple request form (linked below). Standard extracts are delivered within 10 working days of the receipt of the request.

The Authority can also provide certification of the information contained in the standard extracts to Union institutions and bodies, Member States' authorities and courts, as well as natural or legal person, where this is needed for legal or administrative procedures and upon submission of an appropriately reasoned requests. To obtain certification, please follow the same procedure set above regarding standard extracts and fill a reasoned request form (linked below). The certification process may take longer than 10 working days, depending on the object of the request.